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7 Excel Tricks That Will Impress Your Boss

By | source: Here Business

Your boss is a numbers person. He or she knows how to crunch the numbers and get things done. But have you ever thought about how your boss feels when you bring in a spreadsheet? You know what I mean: that time when you accidentally spent $10,000 on printer ink because the last manager had left some settings the wrong way, then tried to cover it up by using a really cool font in your report. I don’t want to be harsh, but let’s face it—that was not impressive. And here’s why: if you can’t even use Excel properly, how can anyone expect you to do anything else well? It’s true that Excel is a complex program with many features, so it can be challenging to learn all of its tricks. But luckily for you—and your boss—we’ve come up with five simple tricks that will impress him (or her) so much he’ll never want to go back!Read More

Wednesday July 6th