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12 Myths About Sex

By | source: Mar 4th, 2014

Alright everyone, it’s time that we put all of that high school locker room hearsay to rest. Admittedly, I learned quite a lot from this infographic. At first I took it as a reflection of my own naivety before realizing that this infographic was made for a reason. These are common misconceptions that nobody really talks about because we’re afraid to admit that our sex lives do not live up to the glorified model of performance that has positioned itself as the norm.

So it turns out that all the amazing feats performed by those vigorous studs and voluptuous babes that we’ve all seen in those videos are just a fantasy. Not only that, but statistically a woman would be more attracted to you if you have a steady job and can make her laugh than if she heard those rumors about your big dimensions and that nuclear fusion reactor of stamina you got. There’s a large spectrum of sexual “achievement” out there and many false impressions on where the average person sits on this spectrum. Despite all of this, it doesn’t seem like anyone is enjoying sex any less though. So, what difference do the numbers make?