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The Definitive Guide To The Female Libido

By | source:Here Sep 30th, 2017

I like to think that I’m pretty straightforward, but I’ll admit that some of the stereotypes about women being mysterious and hard to understand are generally true.

Thankfully, this infographic has decoded one of the hardest things to understand about women: The female libido, or sex drive.

A stunning 86% of women claim to have a low sex drive, and the majority of women have sex two or three times a week. The top excuses for turning down sex? Being too tired or simply not in the mood.

And most women would much prefer a massage to sex. One respondent to the survey even said a ratio of six nights of massaging and one night of sex is her perfect relationship.

Interestingly enough, half of women say they’re either as adventurous or more adventurous in their sex lives compared to things pre-marriage. The other half say things aren’t as spicy now that they’re betrothed.

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