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Crazy Ways COVID-19 Affects Everybody

By | source:Here Jul 28th, 2020

There are very few places on Earth that have been unaffected by the Covid-19 virus. It’s effects have been felt across the world and in every aspect of our lives. People have canceled weddings, birthdays, and graduation ceremonies. Events across the globe have been postponed or canceled. Yet, despite major economic losses, some organizations have flourished in this new world.

So, what’s changed? This infographic gives a quick view of how a microbe, too small to see and barely considered a living organism, has changed the world as we know it. After spending more than $12.6 billion preparing for the Olympics, Japan has had to face the disappointment of a yearlong postponement. They may still have to even cancel the games completely. Song festivals and awards ceremonies have also fallen victim to Covid-19.

As school children and university graduates across the globe sit at home, their schools and colleges closed, unemployment is rising and businesses are closing. Economic uncertainty is rife. However, even under these conditions, some company shares are booming.

It’s hardly surprising that gaming, streaming, and online meeting platforms are booming. The need to socially distance has driven people to stay at home. But humans are social creatures. They need contact and they crave entertainment and distraction. This need has driven up the sale of games and streaming while the wedding industry collapses.

Roll on 2021!