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Busting Out Truth About The TV Industry

By | source:Here Jul 27th, 2020

There has always been a strong consensus among people that the movie industry is where the big bucks are, but is that really the truth now? With the increased popularity of streaming platforms, the demand for TV shows has never been higher, with many networks pouring in millions of dollars per episode to produce a show.

In 2019, the average cost of producing an original TV show reached $4.5 million–yes, you heard that right, $4.5 million. Games of Thrones once again managed to secure the top spot with an $11.8 million budget per episode, and the show continues to receive high ratings. However, the infographics that you see also show another remarkably interesting picture.

Although more extensive networks like HBO and Netflix are investing much more in their shows per episode, that does not necessarily mean that their ratings are much higher. Shows like Peaky Blinders have gotten fantastic reviews but still manage to keep their budget almost $10 million less per episode as compared to Game of Thrones. Keep your eyes on the television shows that are upcoming, as they are promising to be more entertaining and of higher quality.