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What’s Your Poop Telling You?

By | source:Here Jul 19th, 2014

Although there have already been a few “look at your poop and pee” infographics on this site before, it can never hurt to know more about your sh*%. Even though it’s a touchy subject, you have to get over it because as the popular book for children decrees, “Everybody Poops.” So if you can get past the initial awkwardness, you can find out a lot of information about your health simply by checking out your stool.

For those who have trouble actually even getting to that stage, Shark Tank showed off a pretty “amazing” innovation in the squatty potty, which elevates your legs to get things going :

What pearls of wisdom can one gleam from examining your own stool? Well, first determine the texture. Is it watery? Hard? Fluffy? Sticky? Lumpy? Each of these conditions have a very specific indication of  your diet/health. For example, if you are pooping nuggets that are nut-shaped, chances are that you’re lacking some much needed fiber and hydration. There’s actually a scale doctors use to describe poop.  Other factors to consider are the hue and color of your stool.  If you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses you can also compare with the average American’s bowel habitsBaby poop is different though.

By the way, just for those unfamiliar with American lingo, poop doesn’t always mean what you think it means.

This video is hilarious confusion of the word taken literally rather than figuratively. Poop sometimes means you’re tired. Don’t ask me why, but the words poop and pooper have become synonymous with being a tired or unmotivated individual somewhere in the last century.

But enough of the semantics, next time you are in the bathroom going no. 2, be sure to check your poopy!  For your health!