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Rubik’s Cube (solved in 20 moves or less)

By | source:Here Nov 21st, 2013

I remember getting a Rubik’s cube for my twelfth birthday. I wanted one SO badly,  you could imagine my excitement when I received it as a gift from my grandma.
Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the rubik’s cube was a puzzle and was actually extremely difficult to solve. I spent about 2 days messing with it before I finally gave up. About half a year later, I decided I wanted to try it out again (after looking up the puzzle answer of course), only to find that my brother had peeled off and relocated all of the stickers to “solve” the puzzle.

Today’s infographic is especially interesting because not only does it tell you how to solve it, but it digs up interesting facts about the history of the Rubik’s cube, and the cult following that it has. The cube originally was created as a model to explain 3D geometry, and it took the inventor one month to solve it!

30+ years on, the Rubik’s cube lives on as an easily recognizable and portable puzzle.  This might even be one of the easiest games to play at work.  Check out how to solve your Rubik’s cube and show off to your friends.