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By | source: May 25th, 2013

When I was in elementary school, I was so intrigued by tornadoes. My dad told me that sometimes the wind of a tornado moves so fast, it can stab a piece of straw through a tree! I had heard that tornadoes would sometimes tear through a personâ??s house and destroy almost everything, but their glassware cabinets would remain intact, without a single broken glass. Then, I went to the Ripleyâ??s Believe It or Not Museum and learned that a chicken had been found alive in a bottle neck jug after a tornado (I later discovered this was a myth). As an eight year old, I found all these quirky facts about tornadoes fascinating.

Tornadoes have always caused me wonder and amazement, but they are not all witches on bikes, and flying houses. Tornadoes are very deadly. A large tornadoâ??s wind speed can be over 200 mph, which gives them â??the power to destroy everything.â?

We have all heard or read about the most recent tornado in Oklahoma, and the amount of destruction it caused is stunning and sad. 24 people died and approximately 13,000 structures were demolished. My thoughts go out to the victims and the families in Moore, Oklahoma.