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Google Fiber’s Worldwide Roll Out

By | source: May 24th, 2013

I WANT GOOGLE FIBER AND I WANT IT NOW! Are you with me? I bet you are, but I am one of the lucky ones in Austin who could have 1GB internet by this time next year! Since July 2012, Google has been implementing their fiber service in Kansas City and the local internet service providers are peeing their pants.

Time Warner and AT&T cannot compete with Google’s speed or price. When Google announced they were coming to Austin, AT&T announced they would be offering 1BG internet just like Google (as long as they got all of the same city incentives Google will receive). Just like the younger sibling who says “that’s not fair!” – AT&T hasn’t done the research or groundwork for laying 1GB fiber. They haven’t been working with the city for the last year or two on building the infrastructure needed using the newest fiber cables like Google has. AT&T’s statement is a complete bluff.

And unless you’re a cable company executive, you’ll be ecstatic when fiber hits your town too. All ISPs will now have competitive speeds and lower pricing. It’s already happening in Kansas City. Google has the balls to stand up to the ISP oligarchy and put them in their place. Give them a helping hand when they arrive in your city. [Via]