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How The Generations Are Finding Quarantine Entertainment

By | source:Here Jan 21st, 2021

Coronavirus has left us all bored and stuck quarantined in our homes, left with nothing to do but sleep, bake banana bread, and, of course, resort to our electronic devices for our work and entertainment. Binging Tiger King, playing Animal Crossing, watching Tiktoks, and even online gambling have all become popular hobbies during the age of COVID. In fact, people of all ages have started to consume far more media under quarantine than they would have otherwise—even the boomers are doing it! 

While it may seem obvious that Gen Z kids and millennials are more apt to spend their days in quarantine on Netflix and Youtube, you might not expect the same from older folk like Gen X and Boomers. In reality, all age groups have increased their time streaming TV and watching online videos. The lure of binge-watching knows no limit. 

The real difference in consumption comes from the type of media each generation chooses to consume. While Gen Z and millennials are more likely to turn to online videos and TV streaming, Gen X and Boomers still rely on their good ol’ broadcast TV for entertainment.

With all this spare time to kill, everyone’s spending more of it online. And who can blame us? What’s a better way to spend time than going online, watching some videos, playing some games, and then perusing your favorite infographics-supplying website?