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20 Plants You’ll Need In The Apocalypse

By | source:Here Jun 30th, 2020

There are many levels of usefulness to this infographic depending on the time you have a look at it. If you are reading it at the time of this publication—still trapped inside your home due to the quarantine guidelines during the Covid19 outbreak—you might find it incredibly useful.

While the current situation is not as bad as a nuclear apocalypse, it is bad enough for all of us to start placing our priorities in order, and food procurement should be right there at the top of that list. This infographic not only provides a comprehensive list of crops and their nutritional benefits that would be very helpful during dire circumstances, but also other assortments of plants that would be helpful to have around for their medicinal, air purifying, or other lifestyle benefits to have in a post-apocalyptic landscape… or just for fun, why not? There are valid good reasons to have your own veggie garden!

Nuclear apocalypse or not, this is one of those small doses of information that could save you one way or another. So, print it out or at least keep this in mind, because—crops or not—you’ll need to find an alternative power source to turn on the device you’re reading this from in whatever post-apocalyptic future is waiting for us around the corner.