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Why Visuals Are Crucial To Your Classroom

By | source:Here May 15th, 2021

Ever wonder why so many teachers use visual learning props for just about every grade level? Our brains are able to process visuals 60,000 times faster than words. That incredible speed is part of the reason that infographics and visuals in learning are essential. Online learning increases the need for new techniques in teaching, and this infographic explains that necessity. 

To create better retention, our educators can integrate visual learning. A study showed that 65% of people retain information after three days through visuals, compared to a very low 20% from listening and 10% from reading. A majority, 65%, of people are considered visual learners.

Graphic organizers can improve retention in areas like reading comprehension, student achievements, and recognizing patterns and relationships. All of these areas are key to a complete education. As the infographic says, studies say that visuals increase both learning and retention by four hundred percent. 

Especially in this era of online teaching due to Covid-19, it’s important to understand how to use these visual techniques. There are many ways that visuals can be implemented into the modern-day online classroom. Videos and images are probably the most common and easy to access, but they certainly aren’t the only way to incorporate visual learning. Charts and graphs, animations, and different illustrations are also great ways to improve retention.