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All Immune Systems Go

By | source:Here May 14th, 2021

Right now, the world is focused on staying safe and healthy, and many rumors are going around on effective ways to boost your  immune system. Fortunately, this infographic busts the myths and gives you tips on how to stay healthy in these stressful times. 

They start by explaining how your immune system works, saying that it’s a defense system that you were born with and outlining the process of fighting antigen cells. They also point out that people with at-risk immune systems are at increased risk of contracting diseases because they aren’t equipped to fight them off as well. 

To be immuno-compromised means that your immune system is not functioning like it is meant to. Diseases like cancer and diabetes put you at higher risk because they compromise your immune system’s efficiency. They also included myths and truths about boosting your immune system to keep you safer during this time. 

Stay vaccinated, and get both COVID-19 doses. It would also help if you exercised, but make sure you don’t overdo it because you can weaken your immune system in the process. Make sure you stay on top of your diet and vitamins as well to protect your body from the inside. Most importantly, you need to stay updated on your health