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9 Apocalyptic Foods That Outlast Twinkies

By | source:Here May 11th, 2021

If you’re stocking up on food items that will last for decades, this infographic could serve you well. Not many of us plan to hunker down in the basement for years, but this list may come in handy for the conspiracy theorists out there. Who knows when the time will come to start stocking your underground basement to shelter from an alien attack, or dread disease?

Many of the items on the list are staples and as long as you store them properly, they will last for years. After all, edible honey was taken from Egyptian pyramids…though I must confess to throwing out my grainy honey from time to time. Salt has an indefinite shelf life and is an essential part of the human diet.  While alcohol may not be a necessity, it has its benefits from disinfectant to stress-relief medicine. So why not stash a bottle or two?

Perhaps not surprisingly, much of the food on this list is also good for preserving other foods. Vinegar, sugar, and salt have all been used as preservatives before refrigerators became such an important part of preserving our food.

Sugar is used to preserve fruit and make jams that will last for years. Vinegar makes perfect pickles from fresh fruit and vegetables, and salt was long used to preserve meat and fish. Seems that this list is the ultimate on the survivalists’ stockpile agenda.