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The Writing Process

By | source: Dec 30th, 2014

Writing is an essential part of our lives. It is how we communicate with other people. We write for school, for work, or for personal reasons. We all have different methods of writing. Some writers have no problems in putting their thoughts on paper, while others struggle. There is a basic process that all writers use to better their writing. This infographic illustrates six basic steps writers may use while writing.

In my years of writing, the first step has become more very important. The prewriting step allows writers to think, brainstorm, and plan their writing. In this step, all ideas are valid and must be sorted to find your topic. Another important step is to edit your writing. Some writers, like me, read their writing aloud. You can hear the flow of the writing and where it needs some editing. The hardest step for some writers is letting other people read something and offer their criticisms. The best writers are not afraid of criticism, and use that to better their writing as well.

Everyone should be writing because it is how we communicate our thoughts to our fellow man. With that in mind, write to your significant other, or to your congressman, or to your family, or just for fun. The best outcome is that the more you write, the better writer you will become.