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20 Words and Phrases for Better Essays

By | source:Write my essay online Dec 16th, 2017

Essays are a part of any student’s life – almost every subject in university requires you to write essays. Even a single paper might account for 20% of your final score, but sometimes it can contribute even more.

Writing is a process: The intial preparation involves brainstorming ideas and performing exhaustive research before planning your outline in a logical manner.  It’s nerve wracking, and you may barely have energy left to write the paper well. If you’ve passed the very first step, then there is still a long way until you can proudly submit or print your results.

When it’s finally time to write it’s not all smooth sailing to flesh out the right words.    From time to time, the words and phrases that we overuse come out in papers as well.  Thankfully the “like, um, you knows” sprinkled throughout casual conversation don’t typically make it into final drafts.  However, the connecting words that make essays flows often get too repetitive.

So next time when writing an essay, remind yourself about these 20 words and phrases you can put into rotation. Good luck with the assignments!