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New Year Traditions From Around the World

By | source: Dec 31st, 2014

New Year’s Eve has always been one fun holiday, in my opinion. When I was little, I celebrated the stroke of midnight by setting of a bunch of big, loud fireworks. (With parental supervision, of course.) Now that I’m older – and of legal drinking age – I celebrate by popping a bottle of champagne. Being from a Southern state, my family has always followed the tradition of making and eating black eyed peas for luck on New Year’s Day.

Although I love the traditions I’ve always followed to celebrate this holiday, I can’t help but want to explore others. For one, I’ve always wanted to be in New York to see the ball drop at Times Square, instead of watching it on my TV. According to the infographic, there are other interesting traditions that people all around the world follow to celebrate.

While some sound crazy – like diving into a frozen lake in Siberia – others aren’t too far of a stretch from my traditions – like eating grapes in Spain. Whether you celebrate with fireworks, champagne, or different lucky meals, it’s always fun to ring in the new year with good people.

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