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Inside The Mind of a Freelancer

By | source: Dec 29th, 2014

Freelancing is a growing occupation in all developed countries right now. Emerging tech companies, online journals, social media marketing and more majorly fuel this growth. As a freelancer myself I know the downside of the job as well.

Creating your own schedule, working when you want is very nice, but sitting in bed doing work isn’t the best way to improve productivity. Coffee shops are a little better, but the internet is usually too bogged down to really get things done. The biggest problem is the lack of co-workers. We’ve hosted an infographic on 11 Incredible Reasons to have Friends at Work before and it really made me start looking at other work environments.

I found a solution, and many tech-savvy cities will have one for you. It’s called a co-working space. We have over a dozen here in Austin, and after plenty of research and I’ve recently joined one about two months ago. The space is awesome – full kitchen, blazing fast internet and a location close to my house, but the people I work with are better. We have small start-ups, freelance designers, photographers, artists, students, developers and writers. Every helps each other out on different projects that ends up fostering some amazing creativity. [Via]