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The Scheduling of Marijuana

By | source: Apr 19th, 2013

April 20th, the world wide celebration of a drug, that according to our government, is as bad as heroin and cocaine. Today’s infographic sheds light on the absurdity of marijuana being a schedule one drug. With dozens of states using pot as a medicine and two states in the union completely legalizing its use shows how behind our federal government is. According to the feds, weed, a schedule 1 drug, is more dangerous than meth, a schedule two. Then how come Colorado and Washington state haven’t completely shut down since January? Why aren’t there marijuana addicts strewn across public streets and parks, committing crimes and selling themselves for a fix of pot?

A recent study shows 52% of the American population believe in legalizing the drug. As a democratic nation, the legalization is now inevitable. Regulations on the marijuana industry will be a blessing. Kids will have to be a certain age to purchase the drug, tax revenue is estimated to be in the billions and the medical community will have access to a drug that thousands of suffering citizens already owe their life to.

If you couldn’t tell, my post today is incredibly biased. My message to you is get over it. Stop ignoring science and fact and let’s help common sense legislature take a new place in our government. [Via]