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Find Out The Weirdest Law In Your State…Or Is It?

By | source:Here Sep 6th, 2021

The United States has sometimes had a reputation for its increasingly volatile politics. But some laws have been strange since the beginning of time.

During fact-checking we couldn’t actually corroborate a lot of this bizarre legislation, but thought today we’d have you guess at what’s actually true.

So at the risk of posting false news, we’re letting this one through, just for fun. (come on it’s a holiday). According to this infographic, one-armed piano players in Iowa are required to perform for free (for example this attorney disputes that claim, so take it with a grain of salt).

If you often rock a pair of comfy slippers, you’re technically not allowed to wear them after 10 PM in New York. In Maine, you must take down your Christmas decorations by January 14 And speaking of holidays, in Virginia, children aren’t allowed to trick-or-treat on Halloween! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, too, so be sure to weigh your box of chocolates if you’re in Idaho. It’s illegal to give someone chocolates weighing over 50 pounds.

Aside from weird holiday rules, food seems to be another common theme for state laws. In Connecticut, a pickle can’t be called a pickle unless it bounces. On Sundays, it’s illegal to hold an ice cream cone in your pocket if you’re in Georgia. In Louisiana, it’s finable up to 500 dollars if you send a pizza delivery to someone’s house without their knowledge. In South Dakota, it’s illegal to sleep in cheese factories.

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