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The Benefits of Gardening

By | source: Apr 18th, 2013

There are many great perks to gardening. It makes your home look welcoming, adds warmth to a bare room, and burns some extra calories. My mother is the queen of gardening. We have an elaborate rose garden in the front part of our yard, some mulberry trees greeting the driveway, and an impressive vegetable and herb garden out back. Of course, the success of my mothers gardening could not be possible if it wasn’t for her stinky compost.

Aside from the aesthetic perks of gardening, it can also save grocery money. I’ve noticed that produce is extremely expensive at most grocery stores and farmers markets. Imagine the amount of money you could save by growing all of your produce and herbs at home! I can go on and on about gardening, instead, consult today’s infographic for some more information about the benefits of gardening. Hopefully you will be inspired to create your own! [via]