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The Ultimate Marathon Bucket List

By | source:Here Mar 4th, 2024

Running a marathon is one of the ultimate tests of endurance. These events can push the human body to its very limits.

Today’s infographic will focus on the topic of marathons, and, more specifically, the seven most notable ones from around the world.

The infographic includes information (number of entrants/finishers, the nationality of the fastest runners, and fastest ever finish times) about seven of the greatest marathons from all around the globe. From Boston to Sydney, these marathons hail from all corners of the globe.

One example of the various marathons in this infographic is the Athens marathon. While it was first established in 1972, the history behind this marathon dates much further back in time. The infographic states “Legend has it that the Greek messenger Pheidippides ran the original route from Marathon to Athens in 490 B.C. covering approximately 40 kilometers without stopping — only to collapse after delivering his news to the assembly that the Persian armies had been defeated.”

If learning about the Athens marathon and its storied history interested you, read through the rest of today’s infographic to learn about the other six marathons, and for further reading on marathons be sure to check out another one of our infographics about marathons!