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What to Know Before You Go, Laws By Nation

By | source:Here Oct 8th, 2021

As the world of travel reopens following lockdowns and closed borders around the world, many will start to travel once more.

This infographic offers some sage advice on some of the strange rules around the world. It’s worth researching your destination before you hop on a plane. No point in getting into trouble. A prison stay is bound to dampen your holiday spirit.

Though some of these rules may not land you in jail. Who wants a fine or a reprimand for something you didn’t realize you were doing wrong? Some of the rules are really hard to understand and you may wonder how they are policed. For example, you may not leave home without underwear when in Thailand. In Russia, synthetic lace underwear is banned. Who’s going to know what you have under your outerwear anyway?

There are also a few odd laws that don’t appear on this infographic. In France men are required to wear Speedos to swim, no loose-fitting shorts are allowed and no camouflage swimsuits in the Caribbean, please. Only the military may wear camo. In Portugal it’s illegal to urinate in the ocean and in Denmark masks are banned in public. The Danish government wants to ensure that everyone is clearly identifiable in case of any incidents. So, no face coverings are allowed – Covid-19 may have changed that law.