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Looks are Everything… Online

By | source: Jul 11th, 2014

Web design is all about user experience, and the first item of business for users is… drum roll, please… appearance! We live in an age that expects and even demands instant gratification, so your website better follow suit.

How aesthetically appealing your website is depends entirely on the combination of content and design, not one or the other. Based on NoWorryWeb’s “How Your Eyes Move on a Website,” users spend 80 percent of their time looking at information above the “fold,” or the portion of the page that does not require scrolling. Additionally, “big images and positive space attract readers’ eyes first.” These are just a few helpful psychological tips to attract users to continue to return to your webpage.

NoWorryWeb also provides another helpful hint to attract the attention of readers. According to their psychological web surveys, readers’ eyes trace the shape of either an “F” or an “E” as they scan a webpage. Based on that, complex web design – such as the construction of infographics – should aim to follow a design based on the most aesthetically and mentally stimulating material on the first two scrolls of the page, and to leave the less interesting material towards the bottom of the page. Check out this infographic’s interesting web design hints.