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Stop Disregarding Email Campaings And Use It To Your Advantage In The Age Of Social Media

By | source:Here Oct 19th, 2021

It’s difficult to think about it, but email became the most effective way of long-time communication conceived by the end of the last century; it got people closer, made telegrams and faxes obsolete, and it even inspired a film by Tom Hanks (You Got Mail—1998), so Hollywood could claim it was hip and cool back then.

A couple of decades ago—the entire lifetime of many adults out there!—social media and instant messaging especially provided by mobile devices have notoriously replaced most means of remote communication, so these days it is rarer to hear someone saying he or she needs to go—turn on his or her computer, connect to the Internet—and check their email, instead of just turning to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever else on their phones.

Don’t be deceived, email remains a practical means of communication with virtues that social media just doesn’t have, so if you’re planning to run an online campaign for your business or project, you might be tempted to focus all your attention on the omnipresent social networks, but as you can find out on this infographic, there are great reasons for you to also consider an email campaign as part of your strategy.

Even better, use them both and open up your chances to reach your target audience!