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12 Countries That Are Influenced By Influencers

By | source:here Oct 3rd, 2021

Influencers dominate social media with their picture-perfect accounts and mass followings. So how much power do influencers actually have when it comes to influencing consumers? The answer is more than you might think. And as a result, influencers have become an important tool for marketing.

            This translates to influencers having the most power over consumer’s purchasing decisions in Brazil, China, or India. In 2019, influencers had the biggest impact on China, however that has since changed and now Brazil is currently seeing the greatest influence of influencers. Just like Brazil, India and Italy are also seeing an upward trend in the power influencers have over their consumers. 

            On the other hand, influencers have the least impact on people living in Japan, France, or the U.K. And although Germany is relatively low on the list, it has seen an increase in the impact of influencers from 2019 to present. The United States ranked 4th lowest and remained in the same position in 2021 that it did in 2019. It really is not that surprising how much buying power influencers have. Word of mouth has always been a very effective type of marketing. People are more likely to try a product if a friend recommends it versus seeing a commercial. And so, since influencers are seen as friendly people, they are effective for convincing their followers to buy certain products.