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A History of Dad Toys

By | source: Jul 12th, 2014

Who’s got the coolest dad? Your dad? My dad? Should there be a dad-off? These are all fascinating questions, but maybe dad coolness should be decided by the toys they played with as a kid. And depending on when your dad was born and when you were born, these toys will most likely be drastically different.

My dad is 60. So according to this infographic, he was all about Tonka, Silly Putty, and Gumby. (I happen to know his favorites were actually Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs, but you get the point.) What about a 45-year-old dad? Well, he was probably more into walkie talkies, Connect Four, or Atari. This was the beginning of the tech-dads, or dads who grew up with video games and things of that sort.

Ok, here is where it gets weird. Dads under 24 were fans of Furby, Pogs, and Pokemon. Pokemon?! I still love pokemon! I’m 22. I’m not ready to be a dad! What is this infographic trying to tell me?

Maybe it’s just an informative, interesting infographic about how toys intended for young boys have changed over the last 50 years. I’m going with that, because I’m not ready for kids.