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What it Means to be an Expert

By | source: Jul 10th, 2014

Iâ??m sure we’ve all witnessed interviews in the news or on a history show with a well-seasoned expert in their respected field of research, pouring out facts and numbers about topics so arbitrary, you canâ??t help but wonder how the hell they became so proficient on such a random subject.

Turns out you donâ??t need to be a genius to be an expert in something, you just have to be passionate, and willing to put in a lot of hours on the subject. According to todayâ??s infographic, 95% of people have the capacity to learn and acquire knowledge in any field of study. Your first step towards becoming an expert is to learn about the subject, obviously. Knowing your learning style would lower the amount of time you spend absorbing new information, however, diversifying your learning style would increase your comprehension on the topic.  Stimulating yourself through a combination of knowledge and skill-based challenges will further strengthen your knowledge, and set you on the right path towards becoming a reliable expert in your desired field. In a nutshell, you have to be extremely passionate to willingly put in the amount of hours studying and challenging yourself. If 12th century basket weaving techniques is your calling, go for it! We just might see you on the History Channel bestowing your knowledge upon the rest of the unknowing world! [via]