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Personal Trainer Salary

By | source: Jul 9th, 2014

Everyone wants a steady income. Almost everyone wants to be healthy and look good. Have you ever thought of combining the two? If you’re someone who wants to get paid to be healthy and fit, and help other people achieve fitness, maybe you should consider a career in personal training.

Thanks to our friends at Future Fit, you can see that personal training is a much more lucrative career choice than most people might think. The average personal trainer in the UK makes between 24,000 and 60,000 pounds a year, working 25 hours a week. That can pay for quite a few protein shakes.

So what are some different approaches one can take in being a professional personal trainer? The freelance route is probably best for highly self-motivated individuals who enjoy freedom and flexibility. Although PR and marketing are the responsibilities of the trainer, it comes with the flexibility of being your own boss. Working at a gym, a personal trainer typically enjoys free use of gym equipment, as well as the support of the gym itself. This way, promoting is not solely on the back of the trainers themselves.

There are different avenues in becoming a successful personal trainer. The choice of whether to work at a gym or freelance comes down to the individual’s skills and preferences. For more info on personal training or fitness, check out Future Fit Training.