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Get You Some London Facts

By | source:London is the Reason Aug 31st, 2015

Being a city that the Romans settled 1,972 years ago comes with some perks, like how there’s been a lot of time for cool stuff to happen within your borders.
I doubt that the average Londoner knows more than a couple of these facts, so the whole thing about it being a Londoner’s guide is a bit suspect, but boy this stuff is interesting! I have had the privilege of spending a decent amount of time in London with my dad’s family, and I only knew the one about the ravens in the Tower of London.

I’m particularly curious about the lost river, the Tyburn. How does one lose a river, exactly? “My dear, have you seen the Tyburn lately? I seem to have misplaced it.” “Oh Howard, you’d lose your ‘ead if it weren’t screwed on!” Here’s another fun fact: All English men are named Howard. And most of the women.

Anyway, London is awesome. I love it, and if you’re on your way there I suggest you check out The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, my abso-favorite place.

But how does London stack up against Paris? Never fear, we’ve got an infographic for that too.