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Fantastic Mythic Beasts & Where To Find Them

By | source:Here Aug 9th, 2021

Myths and legends are fascinating. Their origins are often buried in the mists of time, leaving us wondering where the mythical monsters of yesteryear have come from and what spawned their creation.

If you paged through a bestiary (book on animals) in the Middle Ages you would find amongst the real creatures some weird and wonderful beings. They were there thanks to the claims of people who believed that they had seen these mystical creatures. Though we don’t believe in the existence of such animals anymore, they linger on in tales from the past.

This infographic examines some of the monsters that are rumored to roam the forests and fields of the British Isles. Of course, these are not the only monsters you can expect to find in your search for ancient beasties. It is surprising that the Loch Ness monster doesn’t appear in this illustrious group since hundreds of sightings were claimed during the last century along with photographs proving its existence.

Monsters often form an important part of cautionary tales and people use them to reinforce preferred conduct and discourage unwanted behavior. Often these monsters represent threats of evil. They’re vanquished by gods or heroes representing the fight between good and evil.

The culture of a group ensures kinship between members of society. The monsters and heroes in the myths and legends form an essential part of that culture.