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Around The World In 20 Burgers & Beers

By | source:Here Jul 7th, 2020

No matter what country you decide to go to, a cold beer and a delicious burger will serve as a reliable meal choice.

While certainly beer and a burger won’t taste or cost the same everywhere, that’s part of what makes today’s infographic so interesting. Today we’ll be looking at the 20 best beer and burger combinations from around the globe. This famed combination has roots all over the world, and this infographic allows for a closer look at some of them.

This infographic features various conventional and unconventional pairings of beers and burgers. For instance, one of the more conventional pairings is the combination of a classic bacon cheeseburger and a Budweiser that represents the United States. Likewise, in Mexico, they have their own take on the burger with traditional Mexican cuisine ingredients paired with one of their most famous beers, Corona.

For a more unconventional take on a beer and burger meal, let’s look at Russia. Their version of the burger simply consists of ground beef coated in breadcrumbs, served alongside dried onion flakes and sour cream. They traditionally wash this down with not only a beer from the brewing company Baltika, but a serving of milk as well!

For more information on these three combinations I’ve mentioned and 17 other combinations, be sure to check out the rest of today’s infographic!