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Why Wear Horn Earrings?

By | source: Aug 8th, 2014

Because they’re made from an animal’s horn, duh. That is cooler than any other material used for jewelry. I mean, I feel as though I needn’t explain further why you should wear horn earrings, but for the sake of a full 200 – 250 word article, I will continue.

Typically, bone and horn jewelry comes from the Asian water buffalo. Basically, these animals are used in the same way their distant relatives were by the Native Americans: every last bit of every blood-dripping organ  is used. These water buffalo provide labor, milk, meat, leather, and awesome jewelry.

Earrings that are made from horns are usually black, but can vary resulting in shades of dark brown to a lighter amber. Bone jewelry is white, but each and every piece – whether bone or horn – is unique and specific, which makes them all the more special. The jewelry is crafted in a safe, responsible manner and is not chemically treated, insuring that you are receiving an organic and “green” product. However, the only downside is if you choose to wear plugs, installing them in your freshly stretched lobes can cause infection, because the porous material absorbs moisture from the healing skin.

Bone and horn jewelry is also susceptible to splintering, but slap some coconut oil on there and you should be good. When cleaning, never leave it soaking in water. Simply clean with mild soap and water, and you’ll be set.

Anyway, those are all great reasons to choose bone and horn jewelry, but honestly, it’s bone and horn jewelry. That’s the best reason of all. Do this, and your name will find its way onto my list of cool folks. [BandaruOrganics]