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A Jeweler’s Guide To Wedding Rings

By | source:Here Oct 13th, 2020

Choosing a wedding ring is not always as simple as going to the jeweler and picking one out. Many people are opting to custom build their rings, down to the last detail.

Designing your wedding ring ensures that you get it to look exactly how you want without having to settle. This is a great thing because this is the ring that you’re supposed to wear for the rest of your life, so you want it to be something you love!

To start with the basics, you should first pick the metal of the band. Some popular metals for wedding rings include silver, gold, and platinum. There are different pros and cons to each metal you can choose.

You can also decide on the profile of the ring. You can choose these based on the style and also the comfort of the wearer as each person has their own preference.

Of course, there is the overall style of the ring. It can be super simple, like your classic solitaire ring. This is a plain band with a stone in the center. You can also go a bit more exquisite with the ring and choose something like a cathedral style, which has more of an architectural vibe to it.