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A Chic Guide To Matching Your Hair To Your Dress

By | source:Here Oct 16th, 2020

With the trend to thrift-shop quirky, one-of-a-kind clothing pieces taking over the fashion scene, there’s no denying that fashion freedom is in and the tyranny of fashion rules and “dos and don’ts” is out. However, there are still tried and true methods of styling that can help elevate your look for any occasion, and doing your hair in a way that best compliments your dress neckline is one of them!

Putting together looks is like connecting gears together. Some gears might not fit with others and throw your whole arrangement off, but matching complementary parts together can ensure everything works. When it comes to putting together outfits, pairing a loud, flashy dress with a simple hairdo can achieve that same sense of harmony. 

Matching hairstyles with dresses can also help accentuate your natural features. You can elongate your neck by matching a high turtleneck with a high ponytail or, you can show off your shoulders with an off-the-shoulder neckline and an up-do combination. 

Of course, what’s more important than following fashion rules is following your own fashion instincts. These are just general tips that won’t necessarily apply to every look. Use them in a way that best suits your tastes!