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Top 10 Ways Identity Theft Affects You

By | source: Aug 7th, 2014

In today’s cyber-world, identity theft is probably one of the most terrifying and unfortunate things that can happen to you. But how exactly does identity theft affect you? What are the ramifications of having your identity stolen? Let’s find out.

When I was a freshman in college, a friend of mine signed up for a credit card through his bank in order to begin building credit. Halfway through freshman year, he had his identity stolen. So not only was his identity stolen, but everything that comes along with one’s identity, such as car insurance, medical records, driver’s license, and social security info (which means they can get loans in your name).

Getting your identity stolen really blows, this much is obvious. In order to avoid that happening, you have to know the methods for stealing an identity. People posing as a census worker or mining social media profiles are two of the main ways. Do not give your information to people at your door, and set your social media profiles to private. You will probably never have your identity stolen, but it never hurts to know the facts. []