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Video Games Can Improve Your Health

By | source:Big Fish Games Jul 8th, 2016

Harnessing the power of one of the modern era’s most enjoyable past times, video games, to increase fitness and health is a great idea. 

Games are a great way to get people to practice healthy activities without registering all the boring repetition. Motor disabilities is a great example of this. It’s super dull to unbutton and re-button your shirt a hundred times, but if you have to perform similar actions as part of a game you barely even notice crossing the hundred mark.

For lazy eye you don’t even need to make a special game for people to benefit. This infographic isn’t short on sources but it is pretty short on details, so I looked it up and a 2011 study at Berkeley found that off the shelf games showed a marked improvement in adults with amblyopia.

Speaking of low on details, I had to look up the bit about childhood obesity, too. It seems like the infographic is referencing a video game that requires the main character to eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables. According to the study, the children who played the game showed a big increase in fruit and veg intake.

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