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Behold the World’s Most Famous Eyewear

By | Jul 9th, 2016

Before you enlarge the image, see how many pairs of specs you can match with the person or personality who wore them.

How many did you get right? I didn’t fare too well, but at least I got Elton John, Geordi LaForge, and Cyclops. Those would have been embarrassing to miss. I didn’t guess Mr. Peanut and, appropriately, Waldo completely escaped me.

My favorite on this chart is definitely the pair Holly Golightly, Audrey Hepburn’s character, wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Funnily enough, the glasses of Truman Capote, the author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, have also made their way onto this list, but much further down. I wonder if his specs are jealous. Aside from them, I’m going to vote for “Macho Man” Randy Savage as best runner up. Which are your favorite face-adornments?

Whether prescription or shades, glasses are a great way to round off, or completely make, an instantly recognizable look. What glasses type is best for you? We’ve got an infographic on how to match frame shape to your face shape to help you construct your own signature style.