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Which University Produces The Most Billionaires?

By | source:Here Feb 15th, 2021

In today’s day and age, the university or college we decide to go to can have a huge impact on our future earnings.

While being financially successful is not entirely reliant on going to a good university, the prestige and education of a specific university can have a major effect on the future of many people. Some universities simply produce success. Today we will take a look at universities around the world and see which ones have produced the most billionaire and millionaire alumni.

To no surprise, the leading university in terms of billionaires is Harvard University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard has produced the most by a sizable margin, with 188. Some of the alumni of this prestigious school include Conan O’Brien, Natalie Portman, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Trailing just behind Harvard are Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Harvard also takes the cake when it comes to the combined net worth from alumni (worth more than $30 million). Harvard has $4.769 trillion in wealth from alumni worth more than 30 million. The order for this is the same as the previous category, with Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania trailing right behind.

Overall, while a solid education is not the end-all when it comes to being financially successful, it surely helps, and this infographic is proof of this.