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The Dangers of Being a Pedestrian in Austin Texas

By | source:Mcminnlaw Jul 10th, 2016

The city of Austin, TX may be famous for hipsters and tacos, but what the locals can’t stop talking about is its growing population, and its even worse traffic problem. In 2015, the city experienced some serious growing pains and set a new record for deadliest year on record in traffic fatalities. Today’s infographic by McMinn Law Firm shows where, when and how pedestrian deaths occurred in the growing city of Austin.

I know that being a pedestrian has added risks when there’s no sidewalk to shelter from high-speed vehicles. And according to the map, more deaths occurred in East Austin, where historically low-income neighborhoods may have fewer sidewalks.

A late night walk may escape the heat. But with 21 of 32 pedestrian fatalities between 8 PM and 4 AM, next time I go on an evening jog I’ll consider reflective gear to increase visibility on the road.

Pedestrians have more vulnerability in an accident, so it makes sense that pedestrian deaths would account for about one third of all traffic fatalities in Austin. It turns out driving a car to work may be more than a convenience – it could be a safety precaution.