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The Ultimate Guide to Unplugging

By | source: Oct 21st, 2013

Phones today are truly incredible. No longer are phones solely for calling other people, they serve a variety of other functions as well. Smartphones’ functionality plus their extreme presence in modern society undoubtedly makes them one of the most significant inventions of our generation; if Alexander Graham Bell could see how popular the phone has become and what they’re capable of here in 2013 it would probably blow his mind. Given how easy and entertaining phones are to use, though, it is often easy to use them too often and really miss out on time with people around us.

Today’s infographic from the Huffington Post gives us a good guide to disconnecting from the electronic world for a bit and just taking a break. Not having a phone or other kind of screen on and active while sleeping (i.e. falling asleep with Netflix playing in the background) means that your eyes can rest more easily without the extra light in the room and you end up getting better sleep. Have some fun with your friends by making a game out of not looking at your phone; when you’re all out at a restaurant, everyone stack your phones in the center of the table and the first one to reach for theirs pays the bill!

For more tips on unplugging and taking a break from screens, have a look at the graphic below. [Via]