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How Screentime Affects Your Body And What You Can Do

By | source:Here Mar 12th, 2022

Everywhere we look, people are staring at their phones or computers.  Something tells me the caveman in us wasn’t wired for this, but escaping screens is impossible in our digital world.   TV screens, computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones are all used daily, usually for multiple hours a day.

Ever noticed how little you blink when looking at a screen?  Over-exposure to high energy blue light can lead to negative effects on the human mind and body.  Strained and over-worked eyes, blurry vision,neck and shoulder pains, and headaches are all possible from just 2+ hours of screentime.

Equally alarming are the effects that blue light has on the brain and your sleep patterns. Exposure to blue light a mere hour before bedtime stimulates your brain into greater modes of activity.  Your brain goes into overdrive alert when it really should be unwinding and starting to shut down.  Tips on sleeping better involve keeping electronics out of the bedroom.

It’s unlikely knowing this will stop you from binge watching Netflix or Game of Thrones.  But literally being glued to the screen has a lasting impact.

Try to give your eyes a break by looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.  Hold yourself accountable, because your body certainly will.