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The Most Popular Horse Racing Event In The World: The Cheltenham Gold Cup

By | source: Jan 23rd, 2015

Why humanity has enjoyed watching things race around in circles for hundreds of years, I cannot explain. I myself have been to horse races, dog races, car races and potato-sack races, and they’re all a ton of fun. I must say horse racing is one event that thrives on the gamble. The amount of money put on the table during these races is astounding. Every little factor is taken into consideration for veteran gamers. The breed, the trainer, the age, the jockey and most importantly, the odds. Last year, Lord Windermere was the first double-figured odds winner in the past decade. That horse was fighting against 20 to 1 odds. The payout for his win must have made some very lucky people a pretty penny.

We even have horse racing in Texas. Although gambling is illegal aside from a few racing stadiums, there are plenty of little ‘house’ bars where we can still get in on the action. These bars take no cut from the gamers, therefore leaving them in the clear legally. My brother and I love to go drop $50 every couple months and bet on the races. I’m not going to lie, we usually stick to the dog races. They’re more unpredictable and as beginner gamblers, we feel like we have more of a chance at winning big.

Check out your local races; you don’t need to be a gambler to have fun. The power behind these animals is astounding. Go see for yourself. [Cheltenham Gold Cup Infographic]