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The 5 Kinds of Video Games You Might Get Addicted To

By | source:Here Sep 2nd, 2021

All video games are not created equally. It’s no secret that video games are joining the ranks of gambling and drugs in terms of America’s favorite addictions. Millions of people of all ages, genders, and races spend hours upon hours in front of their screens everyday, immersed in their online gaming experiences. 

Maybe you’re one of those avid gamers, or maybe you’re more like me. Personally, I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the vast world of video games, and I certainly haven’t grasped how someone could get so completely wrapped up in their virtual world that it crosses the line from hobby to full fledged addiction.   

One thing I have noticed is that not all games have the same addictive pull as others. This graphic illuminates one of the factors that give certain games that addictive quality, with the top three addictive gaming categories sharing one thing in common: they’re multiplayer. 

So, perhaps there’s something about playing alongside others that keeps gamers coming back for more. Many people use video games as a way to find friends and even create rich online communities. What better way to form a connection than finding a bunch of people with your same interests, and working alongside them day in and day out to reach a common goal? 

Maybe it’s not playing the games or winning the prizes that people can’t get enough of. Maybe what’s truly addicting is finding people who make you feel at home.