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9 Ways to Kick your Sugar Addiction For Good

By | source:Here Mar 2nd, 2022

Kicking the sugar habit is no easy feat. Follow these easy steps to end your sugar addiction once and for all. Sugary foods contribute to several health issues, including heart disease and concerns with weight. From early morning meals to your late night snacking, change your sweet habits and avoid long-term health problems.

Start by dumping your usual breakfast choices, like pre-sweetened yogurts and sugary cereals. Many of these breakfast choices go over your daily sugar allowance with one meal. Another classic favorite is orange juice. One small glass contains more sugar than a female should have in an entire day.

When snack time rolls around, switch up the sugary jam on your toast for vitamin-packed peanut butter or almond butter and choose water over sweet tea.

You don’t have to give up your after work beverage, but control your sugar intake by alternating water with your alcoholic drink.

Most importantly, track what you’re eating and drinking to find the hidden sugars. Our body reacts to sugar in ways similar to other addictive substances. Being aware helps us make the changes we need.

Sugar will not get the best of you if you follow the tricks in today’s infographic. If you allow these techniques to be part of your everyday routine, you’ll be saying hello to a healthier life in no time! To become more conscious of the effects of sugar addiction, check out this infographic on sugar addiction in America.