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The Most Devastating Weapons In Sci-Fi

By | source:Here Jun 7th, 2021

Currently, if you look at the most well-known genre in the entertainment industry, you’ll find that science fiction is leading the way. While it might not hold the number one spot, it has seen the light of day with many books and movies to TV comic books.

 Science fiction writers have been fascinated with the future for centuries. Not only are they fascinated by it, but they are always wondering how they can better destroy it than the last guy. Whether it’s with the famous light-saber from Star Wars or some other science fiction weapon, the list of sci-fi weapons is a long and masterful one. 

This list is contrived of a variety of different weapons, including guns, bones, discs, a staff, and even smart gloves. When it comes to the world of science fiction weapons, there isn’t much stopping the creation of a new weapon. That’s why the list is so long. If you can imagine it, chances are it can be a weapon. 

That said, if you are looking for the weapon that does the most damage in Joules, then you are looking for the Reality Bomb featured in Doctor Who. Deciding which weapon is the best is a highly debated topic. One that we may never know the true answer to.