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By | source: Aug 17th, 2012

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to have an adult conversation over the internet and an argument arises. All caps fill the screen, your eyes melt out of your face and you admit defeat. In all seriousness, caps lock is the devil. No one ever capitalizes more than two words. The only defense for anyone typing in all caps is to ‘get a point across’ AKA, ‘be annoying.’

In 2011, Google released their Chrome Book with the caps lock button replaced by a Google search key. What a way to trim the fat, Google. Way to take a step in a direction most companies don’t have the balls to take. If I was going to compare the caps lock key to another useless necessity it would be pennies. Except with a few hundred pennies you could by a pack of gum, with a few hundred caps lock keys you can’t buy squat.

Maybe I’m biased against caps lock keys. Maybe you just use it too much. [Via]