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Understanding Facts About Unregistered Food Sellers

By | source:Here Apr 28th, 2021

It’s a well-known fact that social media is here to stay. It is also known that it has provided people with an amazing opportunity to connect with others, show off what they can do best, and even allowing people a chance to develop a side-gig to make some income!

With the current Covid -19 pandemic, a lot of people also found themselves locked in with nowhere to go. A lot of others found themselves without a job or struggling to make ends meet and there, again, social media provided them with an option. You must have seen dozens of your friends making crafts or teaching all manner of things, and that’s great!

Now, though, this also meant that some people started cooking for the first time, and it also meant that others that were good cooks saw this as the perfect opportunity to start their own business. And that’s also great! You can find amazing food for cheap and at the same time help a neighbor make some income, but… well, regulations and licenses and registrations when it comes to food sales exist for a reason. That’s where it gets worrying.

This infographic shows just how widely popular the purchase of edible goods from unregistered chefs has become, and also puts in perspective just how many of them may have been the wrong choice. Have you purchased homemade food yourself since the pandemic started? I have, but now I’m certainly doubting I should!