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The Election and Paid Search

By | source: Nov 6th, 2012

When evaluating (and running) a campaign, there are so many factors to consider. You write speeches, prepare for debates, make appearances and produce ads in all media outlets. Even the most politically unsavy will note that ads on and offline have infiltrated the media in the months leading up to the election today. Marketing a politician is like marketing a brand, and the powerhouse behind the political campaign can use paid search market their candidate’s brand.

Today’s infographic looks a little bit deeper into the Paid, Owned and Earned Media used throughout the election, which may or may not affect how some of our fellow citizens vote today. Political marketers that run the presidential candidates’ campaigns devote time and money to paid search. The content is well managed, with particular terms being highlighted and omitted. Strategy is key. Do you feel that paid search and political content utilized by the Romney and Obama campaigns will affect voters’ opinions? Regardless, don’t forget to vote today! [Via]