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President and Vice President Job Descriptions

By | Nov 5th, 2012

Some jobs have an easier interview process than others. And then you have the extreme job interview: the U.S. president and U.S. vice president. These candidates are being evaluated for days, months and even years through campaigns, conventions and debates. Talk about a long hiring process for the ultimate “temporary” job!

Manpower has released two fun infographics of what the job descriptions look like for the president and vice president of the United States. These descriptions are based in the history of the U.S. Constitution and reflect the limited term associated with the positions. It can be really interesting to see what is required to hold the top spots in the U.S government.

As with any job, it is a good idea to carefully review the job description before applying and again before the interview. Make sure you match up to the requirements and qualifications. If you haven’t seen the job description, ask the employer to get you a copy.

Hopefully, your interview process is a little shorter (and easier) than the presidential candidates.